Film by Zack Winestine


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"A strikingly assured and intelligent directorial debut... with its lusciously sensual cinematography, sexual tension and inner conflict, strikes a hypnotic mood full of longing and surges of eroticism"
-- Lynden Barber, The Australian

"One of the most underrated independent films of the '90s... The lead performance by Jennifer Van Dyck is hypnotic and devastatingly real and would have earned an Oscar nomination had the film been backed by the kind of money that usually supports such contenders... Zack Winestine likewise reveals himself a filmmaker of stunningly mature and observant abilities"
-- Wade Major, Boxoffice Magazine

"States of Control delves rigorously into our longing for some sense of being in charge of our destinies"
-- Kevin Thomas, LA Times

"Combining a laser-focused eye for painterly details and a sharp sense of purpose and emotion, Winestine has built an impressive body of work which demands the attention of everyone addicted to serious cinema... If any indie film is deserving of a full-blown release, it is States of Control"
-- Film Threat

"A hard, mercurial polemic that gets under the skin... Zack Winestine's formidable States of Control will not be for everyone, but those who rise to the challenge can prepare themselves for a movie rich with ideas in today's increasingly conservative marketplace"

"Masterfully crafted... This is heady stuff, seldom seen in American feature film"
-- Cathy Phoenix, Curator, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival

"Driven by admirably complex ideas about psychological manipulation, the legacy of '60s radicalism and the numbing sterility of a life lived entirely through second-hand experience"
-- TV Guide Online

"A captivating and striking film" -- Sandra Sdraulig, Director, Melbourne International Film Festival

"Stood out for [its] fascinating cinematic structure and aesthetic sense"
-- Ron Holloway, Filmrutan (Sweden)

"This movie is so far out there that you might need an advanced degree in philosophy or a straitjacket to even begin to comprehend it"
-- City Link (Fort Lauderdale)


Jennifer van Dyck
John Cunningham
Stephen Bogardus
Ellen Greene